Alyona Alyona
Her all existance means - be yourself - do what you love
November 18 - 27
Alyona Savranenko talks like she raps. She’s fast, assured and precise with her words.

Her energy is relentless and infectious, and her strong, motivational spirit is more vital than ever as Russia’s invasion of her country continues to be senselessly brutal, killing thousands of people in its wake.
Alyona Alyona
Trrrrraa-ta-ta truth hip-hop
Alyona Alyona
While many Ukrainian women fled the country to seek safety, Savranenko – who goes by the artist name Alyona Alyona – decided to stay.

​“I felt like I was needed here, because there are people here who can’t go abroad,” the 30-year-old tells me over Zoom from her flat in Kyiv.

Although if she had kids her decision would have been different: ​“then I would’ve left Ukraine because my only goal would be to protect their lives.”
From November 18th
Start in Seattle, Club SUR, 2901 1st Ave
Surreal humour songs motivated by Alyona's values.
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