Playlist "Ukrainian Beat" by Resilience Entertainment: the history and trends of Ukrainian music

Since 2023, the Resilience Entertainment team has started curating playlists featuring Ukrainian music. It became a reflection of the current trends, styles, and directions in the music industry, ranging from rap compositions and electronic experiments to traditional folklore motifs. Each track is a small piece of the larger picture of the Ukrainian music scene.

Ruslana Sultanova, curator of the "Ukrainian Beat" playlist, says, "The 'UKRAINIAN BEAT' playlist is like a guide to Ukrainian music culture over the past year. It gathers all the best releases of Ukrainian artists for 2023, as well as all the songs that have been released in January and February of this year. This playlist reflects not only the trends in the Ukrainian music industry but also focuses on youth. It's interesting to look at the youth at the end of the year. Through releases, you can always see how a musician evolves, how their mood changes, genre, how their attitude towards music changes. We deliberately do not divide this playlist by years so that every listener can observe how the musical life of Ukraine develops, something like a historical record."

The team updates the playlist every Friday, making "Ukrainian Beat" a platform and resource for those who want to stay updated on the latest music trends, discover new talents, and music.

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