Ukrainian band ‘Boombox’ with frontmen Andriy Khlyvnyuk returns to the USA and Canada

The tour 2024 will have 15 concerts, which will be no less powerful than in 2023. On March 1, 2023, the band ‘Boombox’ began their tour in North America with a concert in Vancouver. At that time, no one suspected that this tour would become the most extensive and profitable tour in the history of the band in the USA and Canada. The band aimed for this goal, and the logic behind it is simple: the more money we raise, the more essential things the Ukrainian Armed Forces receive.

The support from those who attended the concerts was incredible: tickets were sold out in most cities, merchandise ran out by the fourth city, and our donation drive during the concerts set records. Thanks to the people who attended the concerts, the Help Heroes From Ukraine fund and Resilience Entertainment purchased 10 pickups and equipment worth $150,000.

The goal of tour in 2024 is also to collect more or less money to help Ukraine. During the tour you can hear ‘Boombox’ tracks that unite millions of Ukrainians around the world. Songs that are indispensable today. Music therapy.