Ukrainian rap artist SKOFKA, the author of one of the most popular wartime tracks, announces the first tour of North America

Skofka — representative of the new wave of Ukrainian culture — is known for creating a brand new level of Ukrainian rap. He has garnered significant acclaim on Spotify, with over 440,000 monthly listeners. "Chuti hymn" a song, that he dedicated to his dead friend has been listened to on Spotify more than 10 million times and the music video has gathered over 50 million views on Youtube.

Volodymyr Samolyuk (the artist’s real name) constantly makes experiments with sound and styles. He is an intelligent rapper whose main priority is to create quality music and prove that Ukrainian rap can sound cool. The rapper himself writes the lyrics, arranges them, composes tracks and sometimes even produces video clips on his own. His music is not only a reflection of his uniqueness but also a testament to their commitment to meaningful storytelling and social consciousness.

Already at the start of his career in 2020, he received recognition from the Ukrainian Music Awards: a joint track with Kalush — "Dodomu" was nominated for "Collaboration of the Year" from Awards 2021.

Together with Skofka, his colleagues on the stage, with whom more than one fit was recorded, will take part in the tour: DOVI & KOZAK SIROMAHA.

KOZAK SIROMAHA is a true free Cossack who performs his compositions in the authentic cossack style, the only Ukrainian Cossack who plays the harmonium, a unique instrument is no typical for Ukraine. KOZAK SIROMAHA lives on the banks of the Dnipro River, in a cossack settlement, brings up children in cossack traditions, and teaching them cossack art. KOZAK lives according to ancient traditions, does not drink alcohol or meat, knows the hopak war dance, which is over a thousand years old, and uses it in his performances. He also fences with cossack sabers and creates a proper shamanic ritual on stage.

DOVI — a very talented Ukrainian singer and sound producer. He recorded many hits together with famous Ukrainian musicians as YakTak, KOLA and, of course, Skofka.

Skofka's tour with the participation of DOVI & KOZAK SIROMAHA will cover 21 cities in US and Canada.

This tour is organized by Resilience Entertainment. The agency is known for curating and promoting public, charitable, and private concerts featuring over 40 of Ukraine's top talents, including Okean Elzy, Tina Karol, Monatik, Verka Serduchka, Kalush Orchestra, and more in North America. In 2022, Resilience Entertainment donated over $500,000 to Ukrainian aid funds and charitable organizations from the proceeds of their benefit concerts.